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Defying Definition since 2007.

Sometimes the funniest things are the things that don't happen at all.


Bogus Bros.

The product of a group of friends that like to get together and make fun noises. Based around Louisville, KY and playing together since before 2006, but that year we started recording. Now you are to be subject to our creations. We hope you enjoy!

02-29-12: 8 months later...

Updates! Updates! Updates! I'm kinda lazy about updating things, but here's more music from the world of the Bogus Bros. (not brothers, bros. We totally had no idea there was a group out there with such a similar name back in '07 when we came up with ours.)

Fully Functional Site (mostly)

Added the other pages and fixed a few other things. Now we actually have an audio page with songs on it! The template is done so pages are easy to deal with (for us) now. Check it out, and check back weekly (or bi-weekly as schedules go) for new music! Also - there isn't anything on the video/pics/bios pages yet.


Uploaded some new songs, changed the pic, moved some stuff around. Put Texas Red under Newest Songs.

6-16-11 (in the a.m.)

Well, we've yet to be shutdown by the powers that be, which means more music! I'm still working on getting the rest of the site pieced together, but due to work eating up most of my time, I've not had the chance. Lots more music to come... Hell, I might just upload a few more tonight just because. And I need to fix some of the filler text on the page so it doesn't look quite so silly. Well, not silly like we like, but silly like we don't know how to use templates, which just so happen to be some of our favorite plates.

Oh! And if you read this post in my voice, it's o.k. it's means I'm in your head. Mind-taking. Boo-wee-ooo.


Let's see if can make this crazy internet thing... well.... internet.


HA HA HA! Domain and Hosting! Ha!


And facebook:


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